New minor Firmware release 1.3.256

Based on feedback from pilots, I have created a new release of the firmware.

  • Altitude declaration length is limited to 4 digits (instead of 5 digits as before). As discussed during the CIA meeting 2015 altitudes almost always are declared in 4 digits. 5 digits are never used, because this would mean declaration above 10000ft. Removing the 5th digit will significantly reduce the cases of invalid altitude declarations where the user pressed an additional ‘0’ instead of ‘->’ and ‘ok’.
  • Increased the size of some fonts during marker drop and goal declaration. Unfortunately we can’t increase the font on all fields due to space restrictions.

You can download the Firmware from the corresponding pages.

Connecting the logger on Windows 8.1

(Updated March 18, 2015)
During Winter 2014/2015 Flytec has updated all pool loggers with a new USB chip. So now all FAI/CIA owned loggers work smoothly with Windows 8.1. Just install the driver as normal, see here.

For privately owned loggers, please check the Flytec website on how to test if the logger supports Win 8.1. If not it can be sent to Flytec for upgrade which might be for free if the logger is still in the warranty period.

New minor release: Firmware 1.3.246 and BLM 2.2.247

I have relased a maintenance release with a few improvements in the logger firmware and related adjustments in BLM:
– Added temperature correction for display contrast. Also with startup code 111 the contrast of the display can be adjusted.
– Renamed insterr.cfg to inst_cal.cfg based on user feedback.
– Fixed an issue which rarely caused corrupt ICG file signature.

You can download BLM and Firmware from the corresponding pages.

Howto use the logger with Android through Bluetooth

android-logo-transparent1We’ve been asked if the logger can be connected to a Android device. Yes, it is possible, but only if the logger has a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module is available as an option for private loggers, but it is not implemented in the pool devices. You need some tricks to enable it which I will present in this post. Please note that the logger unfortunately can’t peer with an Apple device (iPhone / iPad) due to license restrictions by Apple.
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New major release: Firmware 1.3.240 and BLM 2.2.240

I’ve just released a major version for the logger firmware (version 1.3) and BLM (version 2.2). This firmware introduces several new functions:
– The logger records variometer information
– The logger has a new “Navigation” screen which shows ground speed, heading and variometer.
– A new user.cfg configuration file allows user specific configuration which doesn’t affect event configuration.
– Declarations can now also be in 5/4 format. This format must be activated by configuration.
– Improved GPS detection and support for latest Flytec hardware
– Support for Bluetooth (Only available for private owned loggers with Bluetooth modules).
– Shows SBAS/WAAS status and records the status to the IGC file
– Improved precision of stored GPS position

Important: This new firmware changes the IGC file format. The new format is currently supported by eKLIPS, Boxy, BScoring. I don’t know about the other software. Check a recorded track before the first competition flight and update scoring software or downgrade logger if needed. I will keep the 1.2.x firmware online.

Also the SignatureLib was updated, because the signature key of the IGC files are changed to improve security.

You can download BLM and Firmware from the corresponding pages.

New Firmware 1.2.223

I’ve published a new maintenance release of the firmware. The new release contains support for the new hardware series from Flytec. Additionally I’ve added a few new features:
– Support for inHg QNH
– Support for >2GB SD Cards
The new firmware can be downloaded in the Official’s section.


Welcome to the official homepage for the FAI/CIA balloon competition loggers.
The logger project started 2007 and is hosted by FAI/CIA/NTSC. Since then professional devices based on the hardware by Flytec and firmware by Marc André have been engineered. Currently FAI/CIA owns a pool of 110 devices and these devices are used throughout the world for balloon competitions including World and European championships. Since May 2013 the devices may also be bought by individuals or organizations.
This homepage also contains lots of information for pilots and officials about using the loggers.

Since March 2013, you may also buy your own logger. Up to now more than 40 loggers have been sold to pilots.

You can now buy your own logger!

As decided by the FAI/CIA plenary, the loggers can now be bought by any individual or organization. The devices are available through any Flytec dealer.

Find more information and prices on the buy-a-logger page.

All loggers are entitled for unlimited firmware upgrade. Support documents and instructions can be found on this homepage. Hardware support is provided by Flytec and software support by the New Technology Subcommittee of the FAI Ballooning Commission.
The purchased loggers may not be rented in pools to competitions outside the country of the owner. See details on the buy-a-logger page.