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New firmware release 1.3.276

Unfortunately a bug in some of the GPS modules (those with SiRF firmware 4.x) started to degrade their GPS reception since the last year. With the help of Volirium, we are able to patch those GPS modules at startup and fix the problem.

The new firmware is necessary for all devices that show GSDe_4.x as the GPS type in the HFGPS IGC file header. But it is safe (and recommended) to upgrade all devices to this new firmware.

After upgrade, the affected devices should list the following GPS firmware version:
GSD4e_4.0.4-P1_RPATCH.06- 06/24/2019 175
GSD4e_4.1.2-P1_RPATCH.10- 04/25/2019 115

You can download the Firmware from the corresponding pages.

New Firmware release 1.3.269

I have just uploaded a new firmware which will fix the “GPS week rollover” event in April 2019.

The GPS week rollover event is similar to the year 2000 issue and affects all GPS receivers. Some of our GPS modules will start to report a wrong date as of April 7, 2019. The introduced fix catches the issue and transparently fixes the date.
Find more information about the GPS week rollover even there:

You can download the Firmware from the corresponding pages.

New minor Firmware release 1.3.256

Based on feedback from pilots, I have created a new release of the firmware.

  • Altitude declaration length is limited to 4 digits (instead of 5 digits as before). As discussed during the CIA meeting 2015 altitudes almost always are declared in 4 digits. 5 digits are never used, because this would mean declaration above 10000ft. Removing the 5th digit will significantly reduce the cases of invalid altitude declarations where the user pressed an additional ‘0’ instead of ‘->’ and ‘ok’.
  • Increased the size of some fonts during marker drop and goal declaration. Unfortunately we can’t increase the font on all fields due to space restrictions.

You can download the Firmware from the corresponding pages.

New minor release: Firmware 1.3.246 and BLM 2.2.247

I have relased a maintenance release with a few improvements in the logger firmware and related adjustments in BLM:
– Added temperature correction for display contrast. Also with startup code 111 the contrast of the display can be adjusted.
– Renamed insterr.cfg to inst_cal.cfg based on user feedback.
– Fixed an issue which rarely caused corrupt ICG file signature.

You can download BLM and Firmware from the corresponding pages.

New major release: Firmware 1.3.240 and BLM 2.2.240

I’ve just released a major version for the logger firmware (version 1.3) and BLM (version 2.2). This firmware introduces several new functions:
– The logger records variometer information
– The logger has a new “Navigation” screen which shows ground speed, heading and variometer.
– A new user.cfg configuration file allows user specific configuration which doesn’t affect event configuration.
– Declarations can now also be in 5/4 format. This format must be activated by configuration.
– Improved GPS detection and support for latest Flytec hardware
– Support for Bluetooth (Only available for private owned loggers with Bluetooth modules).
– Shows SBAS/WAAS status and records the status to the IGC file
– Improved precision of stored GPS position

Important: This new firmware changes the IGC file format. The new format is currently supported by eKLIPS, Boxy, BScoring. I don’t know about the other software. Check a recorded track before the first competition flight and update scoring software or downgrade logger if needed. I will keep the 1.2.x firmware online.

Also the SignatureLib was updated, because the signature key of the IGC files are changed to improve security.

You can download BLM and Firmware from the corresponding pages.

New Firmware 1.2.223

I’ve published a new maintenance release of the firmware. The new release contains support for the new hardware series from Flytec. Additionally I’ve added a few new features:
– Support for inHg QNH
– Support for >2GB SD Cards
The new firmware can be downloaded in the Official’s section.

New Firmware 1.2.193

Finally I found time to release the new firmware 1.2.193. This version mainly contains a work-around for the “leap-second-issue”. The GPS time is adjusted to the real earth rotation with leap-seconds (see Wikipedia). Because the leap-second information is only transferred in a slow interval (10 minutes), we could observe since July 2012 a jump back in time of the track when this information was received.
The new firmware works around this issue and ensures that the track has a correct and smooth time for the whole recording. Additional information is available upon request.
The new firmware can be downloaded in the Official’s section.

New Firmware 1.2.180 and BLM 2.1.182

Added new firmware (and BLM) with the following new features:
– Depending on setting by the event director disallow multiple marker drops of the same number during flight.
– On startup in case old goal declarations or marker drops are found, ask the pilot if it is a new flight.
– If the logger is set to use GPS altitude, don’t ask QNH.
The software and firmware can be downloaded in the Official’s section

Switch off/on issue resolved!

I am very glad to announce that after many nights of debugging I could finally fix the nasty switch off/on issue! The issue caused loggers to crash during switch off in random cases. They couldn’t be switched on until batteries had been removed. I know that some pilots experienced stressful situations if the issue occurred.

I just published the new firmware release 1.2.178 which contains the fix and also a few cosmetic improvements.
I would like to thank the guys from Flytec for their support in resolving the issue.