New firmware release 1.3.276

Unfortunately a bug in some of the GPS modules (those with SiRF firmware 4.x) started to degrade their GPS reception since the last year. With the help of Volirium, we are able to patch those GPS modules at startup and fix the problem.

The new firmware is necessary for all devices that show GSDe_4.x as the GPS type in the HFGPS IGC file header. But it is safe (and recommended) to upgrade all devices to this new firmware.

After upgrade, the affected devices should list the following GPS firmware version:
GSD4e_4.0.4-P1_RPATCH.06- 06/24/2019 175
GSD4e_4.1.2-P1_RPATCH.10- 04/25/2019 115

You can download the Firmware from the corresponding pages.