The loggers can be rented for balloon competitions of any kind.

The following organizations, events or persons may rent the loggers:

  • all NACs, member of FAI
  • organizers of FAI CAT1 or Sporting Events,
  • all sponsors (see below) of a certain number of loggers
  • all other event organizers that promote ballooning sport.

Renting fees are defined per device

  • €30.- per event of up to 10 flights
  • €35.- per event of more than 10 flights

The handling and shipping cost will additionally be invoiced to the Event Organizers, unless the organizer arrange transportation. A deposit of €1500.- must be made before the event.

If you have questions about renting the logger, please contact Claude Weber at .

Since May 2013 the loggers can be bought by any individual or organization.