As decided by the FAI/CIA plenary in 2013 the logger can now be purchased by any pilot or organization. The devices can be purchased directly from Flytec or its distributors. For events it is possible to rent devices from FAI/CIA.

Please note that pools of devices may not be rented to events outside the country of the owner. Please see the End-user License Agreement for details.

The price is set by the dealer. The following nonbinding price recommendations are given:
Europe (Germany): 595€ incl. VAT
United States: $759
Switzerland: CHF 698 incl. VAT
(Prices are subject to change based on currency exchange rate fluctuations.)

All loggers are shipped with country-specific charger, upright mount and protective bag.
The logger can optionally be equipped with a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module allows wireless transmission of the GPS position to laptops. Please note, that this Bluetooth connection is not supported with iPad and iPhone!
The recommended price for the Bluetooth module is CHF 126 when purchased with the logger and CHF 165 when the logger is upgraded (logger needs to be sent to dealer/Flytec).
Bluetooth is only available on private loggers; the FAI/CIA pool devices don’t support Bluetooth.

The logger is sold through Flytec dealers. If you are interested in buying a logger, please fill in the form below. You will receive purchase contacts in your region. Alternatively you may contact Flytec directly by email: .

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