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New Firmware 1.2.180 and BLM 2.1.182

Added new firmware (and BLM) with the following new features:
– Depending on setting by the event director disallow multiple marker drops of the same number during flight.
– On startup in case old goal declarations or marker drops are found, ask the pilot if it is a new flight.
– If the logger is set to use GPS altitude, don’t ask QNH.
The software and firmware can be downloaded in the Official’s section

New Firmware 1.2.172 and BLM 2.1.174

I just published the latest Firmware and BLM software. It is almost one year since the last official release, but we did a lot of work since… I just didn’t find time to publish the latest versions.
The big improvement is the introduced flexibility in coordinate transformation. We can now support use many map datums and grid systems. But also BLM has completely been redesigned and improved.

BLM 2.1.174
BLM is completely rewritten and also renamed to just BLM! It is now even much stronger, supports the same coordinate systems as the logger and can export data to WPT, PLT, GPX and Excel. See a full description at its separate page.

Firmware 1.2.172
New major firmware version 1.2:
– Added map datum and grid system support. Datum Support is dependant on the BLM software version. The following Grid Systems are supported:: Lat/Long, UTM, Custom Transverse Mercator, British National Grid, Swiss Grid
– Improved battery handling
– Use RTC to have correct date/time before GPS fix

It also contains the following fixes:
– Fixed minor issue with rounding of instrument error
– Fix problem with wrong date being shown as the first fix date at some conditions
– Fixed communication for flash dump
– Added hardware support for the latest hardware generation (2011 built devices)

New BalloonLoggerManagement 1.1.0

I just uploaded the new BalloonLoggerManagement software (Release This version has the following new features:

  • Generate OziExplorer Waypoint files for dropped markers
  • Run batch mode for track file analyis. The batch mode generates a waypoint file for each IGC file and creates a Excel file with all declared goals

The software can be downloaded in the Official’s section