Logger Downloader

(From: Marc André)
I’ve written a download utility which was used at the Europeans 2011 in Lleida for easy and automated SD card download and quality control. I’ve used the utility in all my events since, but it took me some time to finally document it such that it can be used by others.
The utility is not an official part of the NTSC logger project, but I still decided to publish it on this site such that it can easily be found. It may be used by anybody interested.

The purpose of the utility is to identify all relevant track files in a folder and the copy/move those track files while renaming them using variables such as pilot number, flight number, etc. Additional commands can be executed such as deletion of the logger.cfg or full backup of the SD card.
In addition a pilot-logger assignment list can be supplied and the utility shows the pilot name for assignment validation.

The utility is very very flexible and must be configured in a Xml file. Thus some computer know-how is required to configure the tool. I’ve included a documentation.

The utility uses .NET Framework 3.5 which should be present on all Windows 7 systems and later. Other systems may need to install it from Microsoft. If BLM is running on your computer, the utility will run as well.

Logger Downloader

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Logger Downloader utility. This is an optional utility for events for simplified logger handling. This version support logger firmware 1.3.x