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We have 90 devices! Ready for the Europeans!

Since Mid July we have 90 loggers in the pool! This is enough devices to run the Europeans this year in Lleida. But already before the loggers are required for many competitions in Europe including German Nationals, British Nationals and the Spanish Nationals.

Online Logger Tutorial

We are very pleased to announce an online logger training website, developed by Mathijs Debruijn.

You are able to try all functionalities of the logger and familiarize with it’s operation. The tutorial also gives you a lot of good information and guidance on how to act and react with the logger. If you have never used the logger and are planning to participate in an event run with these loggers, please give it a try.

The link is and can also be found in the menu on the right.

A good first year of the Balloon Competition Loggers

It is now one year since the FAI/CIA decided to buy 40 loggers and take a further step in the logger project.

A lot of work has been done since then with finalizing paper work and implementing a lot of software. Late July 2009 the loggers were used successfully in their first event. No pilot GPS needed to be downloaded during the whole event. After a brief training, pilots got quickly used to the new functionality and the feedback was very good.

Up today, the loggers have been used at:

  • World Balloon Trophy 2009 Luxembourg
  • Spanish Nationals 2009
  • Slovak and Czech Nationals 2009
  • Portugal Iberia Cup 2009
  • Catalonia Championship 2010

The next major step for the logger project is to use them at the Europeans 2011 in Spain. We are convinced that further NACs join the project and invest in loggers for the FAI/CIA pool this year.